At Manley Mere watersports has been at our heart since the beginning. Our Venue benefits from a number of key characteristic that make it ideal for both beginners intermediates and advanced water users. The Lakes depth is an average of 2-4m meaning that in certain area participants can stand up on the bottom meaning that falling into the water and getting back onto your craft is a lot easier. The lake benefits from being sandwiched between 2 open field which allows for greater wind speeds but the Lake also host several wind shadows that make paddlesports even easier.


sailer in a crewed boat
2 kids sailing

 Sailing Taster Courses

Always fancied having a go at sailing, but not sure if you will enjoy it. Why not try our 2 hour taster course, which will give you an introduction to the basics of sailing, you will have the opportunity to have a go in a single hander boat or in one of our larger boats with one of our qualified instructors

2 Hours 1:1 £100  1:2  £90pp  1:3 + £75pp


Sailing RYA Level 1 Course

An enjoyable introduction to sailing where you will learn basic boat handling skills and background knowledge

2 Day Course Minimum 3 People £200pp


Sailing RYA Level 2 Course

Build on your skills learnt during level 1 and learn how to sail more independently. This course covers how to get the most out of your craft as well as learning more advanced skills

2 Day Course Minimum 3 people £200pp

Family Sailing Courses

Learn together as a family, children will learn the RYA youth sailing scheme stage 1 and adults will follow the Level 1

2 Day Course Family of 4 – £750  Family of 5 £850

Advanced RYA Sailing Courses

These courses include Level 3, Racing and sailing with spinnakers.



Power Boat Taster Courses

This course is aimed to give you an introduction to power boating learning some basic skills.            

2 Hour Course 1:1 £130

RYA Level 1 Power Boat Course

 skills  seaAn introduction to power boat handling and safety, this course is more suitable for assistant drivers who are not confident to take the helm.

1 Day Course Age 8 years + Minimum 3 people £130pp

RYA Level 2 Power Boat Course

This course will provide a good level of boat handling and seamanship skills, giving you the confidence to skipper a power boat unsupervised

2 Day Course Age 14 years + Minimum 3 people £250pp


junior windsurfer

Windsurf Taster Courses

Always fancied having a go at windsurfing, but not sure if you will enjoy it. Why not try our 2 hour taster course, which will give you an introduction to the basics of windsurfing with one of our qualified instructors

2 Hour 1:1 £100 1:2 £90pp

Learn to Windsurf

Our shallow water makes Manley Mere a perfect, safe environment to learn to windsurf. This 8 hour course is designed to get you comfortable windsurfing independently. The 4 hours of tuition will cover all the basics of windsurfing and the remainder hours will enable you to practice what you have learnt.

4 Hours Tuition 4 Hours Open Hire 1:1 £200

RYA Level 1 Windsurfing

An introduction to the sport teaching you the fundamentals to get you up and around the windsurf board. After this 2 day course you should be able to sail around to any point on the lake and be ready to use larger sails when the wind increases

Minimum 3 people £200pp


open hire sups

Stand Up Paddle Board Taster

Try out stand up paddle boarding, this is an easy to learn sport, suitable for all abilities and your instructor will have you on your feet and paddling around in no time

1 Hour 1:1 £40 1:2 + £30pp


open hire kayakers

Kayak Taster

Get on the water in a double or single sit on top kayak, these crafts do not cover your legs making it more comfortable when paddling around. The instructor will give you all the skills you need to paddle around 

1 Hour 1:1 £40 1:2 + £30pp


Canoeing Taster 

Always wanted to have a go at canoeing, these 2 person or solo powered craft are great for getting on the water with less risk of  getting wet, these are stable, although can be wobbly, it takes quite a bit to turn over but are a great platform to get out onto

1 Hour 1:1 £40 1:2 + £30pp 


personal tuition

Personal Tuition

If you are looking to perfect your own skills at your own pace this is perfect for you. Our 1:1 coaching is purely based around you so you can learn at your own speed with no interruptions

1 Hour 1:1 £65  1:2 £55pp

2 Hours 1:1 £105  1:2 £90pp

1 Day 1:1 £.  1:2 £195pp

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