RYA Safety Boat

RYA Safety Boat

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £200

Daily Start Time: 10am – 4:3opm

Group size: 3

Certificate: RYA Safety Boat

Minimum Standard: RYA Power Boat level 2

Minimum Age: 14 yrs.

To Book Call: 01928 740 243



Wanting to suport a local club or want to upskill your power boating abilities the RYA safety boat course is the next step to developing your skills. The 2 Day Course covers how to perform a wide variety of rescues with all sort of different watersports the award will focus on incident management and how to keep your victim safe and also how to deal with equipment when afloat so that you can get it back to shore or help your sailer, kayaker, windsurfer or kiteboarding back on the water.

RYA  Safety Boat: This course covers how to spot potential safety incident before heading out, how to deal with recovery of individual onto the boat and how to deal with a variety of watersports

Key learning points:  Boat handling, approaching swimmer, recovery of victims, Towing methods, Incident management

The Next Steps: The next step in power boating is us your new found skill and assist at a local club or progress further with you award and look into the advanced powerboat course

To find out where your nearest sailing club is please visit the RYA.

Recommended Reading 

RYA Start Power boating  Handbook (G48)

RYA Power Boat scheme syllabus & Logbook (G20)

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