Power Boat Level 2

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £200

AUGUST | 25th – 26th

Daily Start Time: 10am – 4:3opm

Group size: 3

Certificate: RYA Power Boat level 2

Minimum Standard: None

Minimum Age: 8 yrs.

To Book Call: 01928 740 243



The RYA level 2 can be completed without prior completion of the level 1 as it encompasses the whole remit of power boating as is designed to take beginner driver to a point where they are confined and competent on the water. The minimum age for the Course is 12yr+

RYA  Powerboat level: This course covers all of powerboating gives you all the knowledge and skills to confidently look after a powerboat on both inland and coastal waters

Key learning points:  launching, recovery, securing to a bouy, recovery of a man over board, leaving and coming alongside, high speed manuevers, confined space turns, holding off and affects of tides and chart planning

The Next Steps: To progress in power boating it useful to find a nearby Junior power boating club to help progress your skills. The next step in power boating is up to you are how you might be wanting to use a powerboat at Manley we offer the Safety Boat Course. Alternatively you can look into the Advanced power boating course

To find out where your nearest sailing club is please visit the RYA.

Recommended Reading 

RYA Start Power boating  Handbook (G48)

RYA Power Boat scheme syllabus & Logbook (G20)