Power Boat Level 1

Power Boat Level 1

Duration: 1 Days

Cost: £130

Daily Start Time: 10am – 4:3opm

Group size: 3

Certificate: RYA Power Boat level 1

Minimum Standard: None

Minimum Age: 8 yrs.

To Book Call: 01928 740 243



The powerboat level 1 Course is best for participant who are interested in learning about power boating but don’t want to be responsible for the helming of the vessel.

RYA  Powerboat level 1: This course covers basic aspect of power boating and is design to give crew members a better understanding of operating a power boating. This award is suitable for 8yrs + and is ideal for persons who might be required to operate a powerboat when out of harbour but not be in full responsibility of the craft

Key learning points:  launching, recovery, securing to a bouy, steering and emergency procedures

The Next Steps: To progress in power boating it useful to find a nearby cruising club to help progress your skills or attend a powerboat level 2 course to continue your progressions

To find out where your nearest sailing club is please visit the RYA.

Recommended Reading 

RYA Start Power boating  Handbook (G48)

RYA Power Boat scheme syllabus & Logbook (G20)

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