Krypton Factor


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This event gets the competitive spirit pumping, with a series of team challenges that require quick thinking, sharp observation, problem solving and physical ability. Teams will collaborate to conquer everything from giant-sized puzzles to our version of the show’s famous obstacle course, The Manley Mere Adventure Trail! The Krypton Factor team building challenge is a brilliant events that encourages groups to learn invaluable workplace-relevant skills in a fun and challenging environment.

Example Event:

– 9:00am –

Meet and greet in our chameleon restaurant where freshly brewed tea and coffee will be served on arrival along with breakfast bacon or sausage sandwiches, freshly backed assorted pastries & seasonal fruit bowl

– 10:00am –

Before the team building activity begin, your team will receive a short briefing for our events manager. Then the whole group will split into teams before the fun begins.

Each activity has a time limit, in order to succeed each team will need to thing on their feet and work together to ensure victory

  • general knowledge – one for the brains, this includes a variety of general knowledge questions guaranteed to be a pain in the brain!
  • Observation – The famous observation round, where teams are required to watch the screen closely before answering questions on the well known clip.
  • Mental Agility – This round demands logical thinking and mental agility in order to solve as many of our puzzling problems within the allotted time limit.
  • Intelligence – This round required teams to pool their brainpower and intelligently re-assemble our puzzles.
  • Response – Test your team’s reactions, with our Batak Pro Challenge.
  • Physical Ability – test your teams physical ability, with our boot camp style obstacle – The Adventure Trail

each session typically lasts 15-20minutes and draw upon problem solving skills, leadership qualities and communication. The challenge sets are run and require both thought and action with some physical effort as teams compete for the number one spot on the leaderboard. The selection of games available make it possible to do this activity both indoors and outside and is flexible to suit most timetables.

– 11:00am – 1:30pm –

A shore safety talk then divide delegates into team to begin the ‘Krypton Challenge

– 1:30pm –

Lunch / Break

– 3:00pm – 4:00pm –

Krypton Adventure Trail Assault Challenge

– 4:30pm – 5:00pm –

Result and price giving. After the event we will reserve a bar and patio area for that all important post events debriefing!

Food Options:

Finger Buffet – Working Lunch – BBQ and loads more option

served either outside on our patio or in the Garden room. freshly brewed teas, coffee with complementary biscuits and bottled still or sparkling mineral water will be available. after the event we will reserve a bar and patio area for that all important post event debriefing