Improver Sailing (Stage 2)

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £135

APRIL | 14th – 15th

MAY | 28th – 29th

JULY | 23rd – 24th | 30th – 31st |

AUGUST | 6th – 7th | 27th – 28th |

Daily Start Time: 10am – 4:3opm

Group size: 8

Certificate: RYA Start Sailing  (stage 2)

Minimum Standard: RYA Start Sailing  (stage 1)

Minimum Age: 8 yrs.

To Book Call: 01928 740 243



Improve on your sailing skills and gain more confidence on the water. The RYA youth Stage 2 builds on the skills learnt in the Stage 1 and intoduces more skills to help you sail faster and gain more confidence on your craft. This 2 days course will focus more on individual skills with sailers being expected to be sail on their own or as the helm for the boat.

RYA  Youth (Stage 2): This course builds on skills learnt in the Stage 1 and covers skills such as Up wind sailing, gybing, solo capsize recovery and the basic of the 5 essentials

Key learning points: Rigging, launching, landing, sailing in all directions, capsize recovery, safety information and basic sailing theory.

The Next Steps: To progress your sailing further we recommend joining your local sailing club to help consolidate what you have learnt and then consider either the RYA Advanced sailing Stage 3or using your skills to Hire out your own craft

To find out where your nearest sailing club is please visit the RYA.

Recommended Reading 

RYA Dinghy Sailing Beginners Handbook (G3)

RYA Youth sailing scheme syllabus & Logbook (G11)