Canoe Taster

Canoe Taster

Duration: 1 Hour

Cost: 1:1 £40 1:2 £30 1:3+ £30pp

Daily Start Time: Any time

Group size: 1-8

Minimum Standard: None

Minimum Age: 8 yrs.

To Book Call: 01928 740 243



Always wanted to learn how to canoe or learn how to canoe on your own. The Canoe taster course give you the skills to manoeuvre your canoe around the lake and give you the confidence to travel further

Key learning points:  canoe paddle brief, how to launch from a beach, forwards paddling, turning around, backward paddling

The Next Steps: now that you have learnt the basic and feel more confident in your craft why not take a canoe out on open hire or join a local canoe club to progress your skills even further



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