Adventure Trail

Duration: Allow for 3-4 Hours 

Cost: £11pp 

Party Package with Hot Meal: £20.50

Open Time: 10am – 5pm

Supervision Age: 0-16yr (an adult will need to got on the adventure trail to supervise their group)

To Book Meal package Call: 01928 740 243




A Family favourite the adventure trail is a great birthday treat for all ages the 2.5 mile trail is pack with human power obstacles. The Trail give children the freedom to explore and go wild! suitable for all ages the trail has a range of obstacle that will bring a smile to the faces of both young and old.

Example Party:

– 10:00am –

Arrive at Manley Mere Reminder of the £2 Car parking Fee. We recommend travelling as one group or getting parents to drop their child at the cafe short stay parking area.

– 10:05am –

Park up and head over to the trail shack to sign in your group and pay

Group having a meal will have your orders taken here

– 10:30am –

explore and discover the trail get wet & muddy.

– 12:00am – 1:oopm –

depending on when your booked your meal for head up to the chameleon cafe and enjoy your food

(you will need to change out of muddy clothes before you head over)

– 1:00pm –

for those who still have energy you can head back onto the trail


Food Options: